It has been said that there is no wine anywhere in the world that tastes like the wine of Marlborough – the balance of extraordinary purity and intensity of flavours set around impressive aroma, distinctive fruit characteristics and appealing balanced acidity is superb. These are stylish, exciting wines that surprise and delight.

Main City



Main towns/villages

  • Renwick near Wairau Valley
  • Seddon in Awatere Valley


What is it that makes the wines of Marlborough so distinctively exquisite? As with any of the great wine making regions of the world, the answer lies in a magical synergy of climate and soil, underpinned by our desire to express this unique terroir. Here in the north-eastern corner of New Zealand’s South Island, bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the east and towering mountain ranges in the hinterlands to the north and south, a broad alluvial plain stretches from the coastline, gradually rising into narrow valleys with favourable northerly aspects. Ours is a diverse landscape of spectacular natural beauty and bounty.

In past centuries Maori hunted moa here and cultivated vast kumara crops in the year round sunshine. Early European settlers established New Zealand’s pastoral industry on the fertile rolling downs of the river valleys. In 1873, long before the modern day vintners recognised the extraordinary potential to produce great wine in this region, pioneering Scottish farmer and grape grower David Herd planted Marlborough’s first vineyard. It was to be another 100 years before that vision took root with the development of viticulture in Marlborough on a commercial scale.

Today Marlborough is recognised as one of the premium wine regions of the world. New Zealand’s leading wine region, Marlborough draws international acclaim that far outweighs its size. In the span of just a few decades, winemakers have embraced this small, yet geographically diverse region, exploring the nuances offered by its landscape to craft exhilarating flavours in many different wine styles.

Each expresses the indelible mark of place that is Marlborough.

*photo credit The Crossings, Marlborough