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Company: Runner Duck Estate


Uploaded: 20 October 2021

Closes: 20 January 2022

Runner Duck is part of a group of small businesses in Matakana north of Auckland www.runner and is a boutique property of 13.5ha out of which approximately 4.2ha is split - over one main vineyard and one 0.3ha block - which are under 7 varieties and all wine-bottled into 10 products. These are exclusively sold through the cellar door and vineyard restaurant "Plume" which is serviced by the Vineyard.

Another 3ha, approximately, are split into around 450 olive trees - all oil and olives supplied to the restaurant. The administration of the property, including some aspects of the owners house and gardens, would come under the Property Manager, though the owner has his own gardeners, house cleaners, property mowers and maintenance contractors. 

The ideal candidate we are looking for should be fit and with at least 5-10 years in the business, extremely proficient in all tractor viticulture operations good at pest and disease identification and be knowledgeable of the chemical spray programme, as per NZW requirements.

Key strengths are machinery operation and maintenance, especially tractors and sprayers and root pruners and vineyard management.

The candidate must:

  • Be a NZ Resident, living locally
  • Have a drivers license, preferably a license for driving vehicles up to 6 tons
  • Have a Growsafe and Approved Handler Certification
  • Be a team player
  • Must know vineyard operations and spray management
  • Preferably have a mainenance of equipment capability

General duties will include:

  • Maintenance and care of property 
  • Maintenance and upkeep of workshop, generator, equipment and fittings
  • Supplier dealings and records thereof
  • Chemical stock ordering and stock maintenance
  • Delivery of weekly wine supply to Plume Restaurant
  • Wine stock keep and Quarterly Stock Take
  • Maintenance of all records
  • Rabbit, possum and rodent control

Viticulture duties will include:       

  • Mulching                                       
  • Spray Planning                         
  • Spray Execution                         
  • Agri-chem order, stock, disposal               
  • SWNZ record keeping                     
  • SPRAY Diary and Daily Operations diary                           
  • Root-pruning        
  • Shoot thinning and training                     
  • Vineyard operations to harvest management and net management                           
  • Wire, post, trellis maintenance         
  • Disease inspections                     
  • Trimming    
  • Determining Quality grapes as our reason for being                                

Flexible working hours and days are determined by the weather and time of year. Spraying is done at the crack of dawn. Plant growth and critically determinations essentially defines the days and times of work although the job is for an average 40-hour week.

The team will consist of the owners, the Vineyard Manager and a Vineyard Assistant, plus the managers of the Villas, restaurant and Cafe. See

An office with ensuite, a fully-compliant chemical shed, an Iphone, a workshop and two garages are all provided with the job scope. A brand new ute is on its way in early 2022 and in the mean time a well-maintained, though well-worn Ute with diesel and maintenance paid, is provided for office work.

The right candidate will determine an extremely attractive compensation over the top range of the best in the industry.

Only people eligible to work in this country should apply for this position. Please provide evidence of your work visa or citizenship.

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