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NZ wine industry salary survey

Strategic Pay Ltd, in association with New Zealand Winegrowers, currently conducts an annual remuneration survey focusing on pay levels for positions particular to the wine industry. recommends all wineries participate in this survey for the benefit of the whole industry.  You might be surprised how many of your employees ask us what they should be paid....

Positions include Winemaker, Vineyard positions, Cellarhands, Viticulturist, Cellar door and Laboratory staff.  Information is also produced forecasting remuneration levels and changes in staff recruitment.

Participation in this survey is open to all wineries (employers) in New Zealand and the results are available to purchase, with participants entitled to a discount. (Please note, this survey is available to employers only, not to employees.  We do not know of any specific industry information that employees can access)

To obtain more information regarding this survey, please contact Strategic Pay on 09 303 4045 or email surveys (remove space from email address). More generic roles such as sales, admin, marketing etc., are covered by other surveys and some are featured in the Wine one although the information is available on request - again, employers only.


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I have found really that the quality of the people responding has been superior to those coming thru from the other ad. I guess only people with a genuine interest in the industry really go to this site, and also I have just come back from a few days away down country at a trade fair and I am surprised at the amount of people talking about the website.

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